420 sale! 2022 edition!

It’s 4.20 and I’m feeling good and I want to share the good vibes today.
We haven’t run a sale in a while so I figured today would be the perfect day to change that.
Our official 4.20 SALE begins now!
Take 20% OFF EVERYTHING in the Brave Botanicals store with discount code: 420celebration
I could’ve just run a sale on delta-8 flower and gummies, but I didn’t want to leave all my kratom people hanging.
And I gotta show love to all those who prefer CBD, too.
So everybody gets 20% OFF.
But, there is one particular item that I’m giving away for 42.0% OFF.
CBD flower.
Specifically, a backstock of CBD flower. See, I just got a new shipment, but still have a little left from my last shipment.
It’s great CBD flower, but I’m running out of space to store it all.
So, you get to profit from my overflow!
Get CBD flower for 42.0% OFF with discount code: backstockcbdflower
(the cbd flower on extra discount has AGED in the title)
Oh, and the NEW CBD flower is called Silver Haze. It’s super fresh, smokes nicely, and leaves you feeling good.
Speaking of new products…
We also just got in some new delta-8 flower:
Sour Lifter.
This is some super potent stuff, let me tell you.
It also looks beautiful, with a lot of crystals covering it – not something you always see with delta-8 flower.
It’s some of the best I’ve smoked, and I’m not just saying that because I’m selling it. I’m a delta-8 smoker and have tried many different varieties in this business. I’m selling Sour Lifter because it’s that good.
And it’s all yours at a deep discount for 4.20.
Take 20% OFF EVERYTHING with discount code: 420celebration
And take 42.0% OFF our backstock CBD flower with discount code: backstockcbdflower
The 4.20 sale ENDS on Monday, the 25th at midnight!
Get your supplies at the lowest price now: