What is Kratom?

What is Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa)?

Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a natural herb powder made from the leaves of an evergreen tree that grows abundantly in several countries along the equator in Southeast Asia.  The tree is a member of the coffee family. There are several varieties of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, each having different colored veins running through their leaves.


Mitragyna Speciosa leaves have been used as an herbal remedy for centuries by the people in the region. This herb has been used in folk medicine as a stimulant (at low doses), sedative (at high doses), recreational herb, pain killer, medicine for diarrhea, and treatment for opiate addiction.

It can be taken in powdered form mixed with water, fruit juice, smoothies, or even mixed with coffee.  It is also sometimes available in capsule form.  Typical dosage starts at around one teaspoon (2-3 grams).  Effects are usually felt 30 to 60 minutes later and typically last 5 to 7 hours.

Research has shown that Mitragyna Speciosa has mood-elevating, antidepressant properties.(1) This research, along with much anecdotal evidence, suggests that Mitragyna Speciosa may be helpful for many health conditions and issues, as well as providing a general improvement in one’s quality of life.  Yellow, white and green vein Mitragyna Speciosa leaves tend to be better for mental focus and clarity, energy, mood improvement, athletic performance, and focus.

According to additional research outlined in Scientific American, Mitragyna Speciosa was found to block pain.(2) Thus, it may be helpful for arthritis, restless leg syndrome (RLS), fibromyalgia, leg/neck/back pain, muscle pain, aches and pain from colds and flu, migraine, stress, PTSD, and anxiety.  Mitragyna Speciosa leaves with red veins tend to be better for pain relief, stress relief and relaxation.

Studies have also shown that Mitragyna Speciosa may be useful in treating all kinds of addiction, including opiates, prescription pain medications, alcohol, and tobacco.(3) 

More detailed information can be found here.

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