Debunking the LAMEstream Media #FAKENEWS That Kratom Caused 90 Overdose Deaths

Debunking the LAMEstream Media #FAKENEWS That Kratom Caused 90 Overdose Deaths

This past week Big Pharma, Big Government, and their partners in the Mainstream Media shelled out quite the onslaught of anti-kratom propaganda and disinformation.

It all started with a Center for Disease Control “study” titled, Unintentional Kratom Doses with Kratom Detected. In the paper, the CDC examined “data on 27,338 overdose deaths that occurred during July 2016–December 2017”. Of the 27,338,  only 152 “tested positive for kratom on postmortem toxicology (kratom-positive)”. 

The study goes on to say that in 91 of the 152 “kratom-positive” deaths, kratom is listed as a cause of death. 

Now get this, in all of the 91 cases except for 7, there were other substances found in the person’s body and in those seven the coroners admit that “the presence of additional substances cannot be ruled out “. 

Of the substances that were found alongside kratom, fentanyl was found in most instances, followed by heroin, benzodiazepines, prescription opioids, and cocaine. 

So what do we actually have here? 

Data from 27,338 overdose deaths in 27 states states that there were 7, count em, 7 overdose deaths where only kratom was found in the person’s system. And as we previously mentioned, in those 7 cases, it’s entirely possible there were other substances present but not detected. 

Does this sound like news? 

In my opinion, this actually helps the case for kratom as a safe alternative to prescription opioids which annually account for tens of thousands of overdose deaths. 

So what kind of headlines would you expect from the fourth branch of government, the mainstream media?

Here is but a sampling from the past several days….

USA Today – Herbal Drug Kratom Linked to Almost 100 Overdose Deaths, CDC Says

CNN – More deaths have been associated with kratom than previously known
CBS News – Kratom is Linked to More Overdose Deaths than Previously Reported
Time – An Herbal Drug Called Kratom has Been Linked to Almost 100 Overdose Deaths, The CDC Report 

At least the these headlines say the deaths are associated or linked to kratom. This next headline outright says kratom killed the people. How misleading!!!!!

Daily Mail – Herbal Supplement Kratom has Killed 91 Americans Across 27 States, Report Reveals – Double the Rate Health Officials Previously Thought

And of course local affiliates and newspapers jumped on the bandwagon. 

WGN9 Chicago – Herbal Supplement Kratom is Tied to More US Deaths
Monroe County Post – Kratom Deaths on the Rise
Philadelphia Enquirer – Kratom Linked to Nearly 100 U.S. Overdose Deaths, CBD Finds

These are just the tip of the iceberg and more and more stories are being published every day!

Many of the articles, like the one in USA Today, do in fact mention the fact that fentanyl and other drugs were found in the systems of the overdose victims. But they bury those facts at the very end of the article where many readers have already moved on to the next propaganda piece or social media tidbit. And let’s face it, we live in a country where more often than not, people don’t even read the article, they just buy in to the sensationalized headlines and accept them as truth. 

Thankfully, out of all the noise, there was actually one balanced piece that appeared today in the New York Times. In the article titled, Opioid Users Call Kratom a Godsend. The FDA Says It’s a Menace, the author points out the weakness in the CDC’s position and even mentions the alarming rate of deaths from opioids.

“The new report is the highest tally yet of deaths in the United States where kratom is said to have been a factor. But the numbers pale compared to the death toll from opioids: almost 48,000 in 2017, according to federal data.

And like other reports that have linked kratom (pronounced either kray-tum or rhymed with atom) to fatal overdoses, there was a significant caveat in the C.D.C. numbers: the majority of deaths involved additional factors.”

Let’s face it though, we can’t rely on the mainstream media to present balanced news. That’s not what they do. They are nothing more than purveyors of the status quo. Those that do buck the system end up with their careers terminated or worse. 

So what are we to do!?! Well, we the people have power. We can be the media too! 

It is you to YOU to help counter the propaganda. 

We live in a time where mainstream media has less credibility than ever. Nonetheless, there are still countless Americans and law-makers and regulators that take the disinformation that is parroted in the media as gospel. 

We can overcome their influence.

Talk to your friends, family, and colleagues about how kratom SAVES LIVES, not takes lives.

Look what social media influencer and natural health proponent, Kelly Hanner had to say on her Facebook page….
Be like Kelly! 

Speak up! Speak out! 

Stand up! Rise up!

Together we can counter the lies put out by the LAMEstream media. 

May the kratom be with you!!!

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