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Brave Botanicals Kratom Slanger Program Instructions

Brave Botanicals Kratom Slanger Program Instructions You have been selected to take part in Brave Botanicals’ new Kratom Slanger Program! We want to share with you further details on how the program works and get your commitment to honor these instructions before we begin. 1. We will send you an invoice and a starter pack […]

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Introducing Our Kratom Slanger Program

We’re proud to announce the creation of our Kratom Slanger Program (KSP)! Alongside our affiliate program, KSP will provide kratom users and supporters an opportunity to earn money while spreading this amazing natural remedy to those seeking alternatives. The program works like this, once a potential slanger is vetted and approved, they will be fronted […]

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How Mindfulness Can Help Those Struggling With Addiction

In my experience as CEO of Brave Botanicals, I have grown close with many friends and customers that have struggled with addiction. While many are aware that kratom can help overcome addiction, far too often we overlook the root causes of addiction and how to genuinely heal from the pain and trauma may have led […]

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How Kratom Can Help You Lose Weight and Gain Energy Through Fasting

By: Kumar EcoAgorist Bendrake Fasting (the process of abstaining from all food) is not a new phenomena. It has been used by many cultures and religions for centuries to help cleanse the mind and body. Yet fasting diets are often criticized by nutritionists as somehow unhealthy. The science says otherwise. A new study by researchers […]

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