Hey there, I hope this message finds you well.

I wanted to give you a quick break down on what strains are best for various issues. There is often confusion around this topic so hopefully some expert advice from a kratom vendor and regular consumer can clear things up. 

But first, a quick disclaimer – These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

As always we are simply free people sharing information in accordance with our natural rights as human beings.

Let me start by sharing a bit about the three main colors of kratom. The kratom types are differentiated by the color of the veins of the leaves and how they are cured.

Red – Red kratom tends to have more of an effect on the body. People commonly use it for help with pain, relaxation, and sleet. Brave Botanicals has the following red varieties: Red Relaxation & OG Bali.

White – White-vein kratom is more uplifting and energetic than green and report. It is reported to help with energy and focus. It’s also used for dealing with stress and anxiety. Some people use kratom instead of alcohol as a social lubricant for going to parties or socializing. Brave Botanicals has the following white varieties: White Lightning & White Borneo

Green – Green kratom is the most popular and the effects are somewhat in between red and white but more similar to white. People take green kratom for help with stress and anxiety but also with extreme sadness. In smaller amounts green kratom can be a bit stimulating and in larger mounts it can help with body aches. Brave Botanicals has the following white varieties: Green Maeng Da & Super Green Dragon

Now we’ll review some of the various use cases for kratom.

I’ll list out some issues people are dealing with and what Brave Botanicals Kratom strains tend to help in those circumstances. I’ll list the strains for each issue in order of what I would first recommend.

Stress / Anxiety –  Green Maeng Da & Super Green Dragon & White Borneo
Patience – Green Maeng Da & White Borneo
Mental and Physical Fatigue –  White Lightning & White Borneo & Super Green Dragon
Motivation – White Lightning & White Borneo & Super Green Dragon
Focus – White Lightning & White Borneo
Sadness  Green Maeng Da & Super Green Dragon
Pain – Red Relaxation & OG Bali
Relaxation – Red Relaxation & OG Bali & Green Maeng Da (larger amount)
Trouble Sleeping – Red Relaxation & OG Bali
Overcoming Addiction – Green Maeng Da & OG Bali

There you have it. This is pretty comprehensive list of kratom’s many uses and which Brave Botanicals varieties are best suited for each use

If we left something off please reply to this email and let us know why you use kratom.

I hope this helps you!

Thanks as always for considering Brave Botanicals as your choice vendor.

Our quality is a cut above the rest and our customer service is in a class of it’s own.

Not to mention your purchase helps to fuel our health freedom activism, ensuring more and more people learn about kratom and can access this amazing plant remedy.

May the kratom be with you!!!

John Bush

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