Hey friend, I recorded a video yesterday that I though you’d be interested in.

In the video I talk about the body’s natural ability to heal itself when given access to proper nutrition and balance.

I also break down the origins of allopathic medicine in the US and exposes the link between the government and the pharmaceutical companies. I get into the deep history of how the Rockefeller Foundation rooted out holistic medicine in the US and ushered in a new era of reactionary medicine.

Finally I give some tips and insights on natural remedies and how to live a healthy life.

If you are interested in living a more healthy, natural, and balanced life, where your body is fine tuned to heal itself, you definitely want to check out this video!

If you like what you hear, please subscribe to my YouTube channel – Follow this link and hit the subscribe button.

I put out a few videos a week on the topics of freedom, activism, prosperity, and health.

Thanks again for your business and support!

In Liberty,
John Bush

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