Introducing Our Kratom Slanger Program

Introducing Our Kratom Slanger Program

We’re proud to announce the creation of our Kratom Slanger Program (KSP)! Alongside our affiliate program, KSP will provide kratom users and supporters an opportunity to earn money while spreading this amazing natural remedy to those seeking alternatives.

The program works like this, once a potential slanger is vetted and approved, they will be fronted an assortment of kratom packages and some kratom to sample out. The The role of the slanger is to use the kratom they receive to sell to friends, family, and associates that are dealing with those ailments kratom is known for helping.

In order to easily spread the word and sell kratom, slangers can do one or all of the following:

  • host kratom tea parties and pour your friends a kratom drink while you share the benefits
  • bring sample kratom to your place of business for coworkers to try
  • have kratom for sale with you as you drink your kratom in public

Once an item sells, half of the sale price goes to the slanger and half goes back to the house through an online payment method or bank deposit for those in Texas.

First time Kratom Slangers will start with a smaller stash and payments on sold kratom will need to be made once a week. After successful payments and sales, more kratom will be fronted to the slanger and payback times will increase to bi-monthly.

We are beginning with a pilot phase and at this time we are selecting 3 -4 candidates. If you are selected we will send you further instructions, information on kratom, as well as a short contract to sign.

If you are interested in becoming a kratom slanger, fill out the form below, we would love to work with you to spread this incredible plant!

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