Brave Botanicals Kratom Slanger Program Instructions

You have been selected to take part in Brave Botanicals’ new Kratom Slanger Program!

We want to share with you further details on how the program works and get your commitment to honor these instructions before we begin.

1. We will send you an invoice and a starter pack of Brave Botanicals kratom. The pack will include 5 Maeng Da One Ounce Powder bags, 5 Red Relaxation One Ounce Powder Bags, and 1 Maeng Da One Ounce Powder bag for customer sampling.

2. Each bag will be sold for a retail price of $20.

3. One week after the package is received, $10 from each of the bags sold will be due to Brave Botanicals.

Payments can be made through the following channels:
– Facebook Pay
– Cash App
– Venmo
– E-check

4. Each following week, payments of what has been sold will be made until 70% or more of the kratom has sold.

5. Once 70% or more of the starter pack has sold, we will send you more kratom to sell with the same payback schedule as the first round.

6. After cycling through two packs, payments will be made every two weeks and larger quantities may be sent.

NOTE: When sampling kratom, be sure to start with a small amount to be on the safe side. Different people react differently to kratom. Half a teaspoon or around one gram is erring on the safe side. Do not claim that kratom treats or cures and diseases. Inform samplers to use their best judgement and if they are concerned to consult with a physician or do their own research before sampling.

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