✈ What Happens When You Fly to Mexico w/ Luggage and Backpacks Full of Kratom? ✈

✈ What Happens When You Fly to Mexico w/ Luggage and Backpacks Full of Kratom? ✈

As a kratom user or someone who is kratom curious, you will love this story! 

This will be the second year in a row I spend a significant time in Mexico. My family and I go down to attend the Anarchapulco conference and stay for a while before and after.

This year, I’ll be speaking about parenting and entrepreneurship and also hosting a workshop!

Last year I bought a decent personal stash down for my six week stay. This time around, I’ll be selling kratom at the conferences taking place as well as landing a few retail shops.

I decided to bring quite the load down with me! Maybe around six kilos worth, in bulk powder, bulk capsules, as well as individually packaged.

Short on suitcases, I packed most of the stash in a pelican case, normally used for audio/video equipment. It was the pelican case that alerted the customs people in Mexico that I might be going to Mexico for work.

Problem was, I had just told the lady at the airport immigration checkpoint I would be here for vacation and to visit friends.

So they pull me aside and start looking through my bags.


I’ve never found anything to indicate that kratom is illegal in Mexico, but you never know with the convoluted laws down there.

So she begins looking through my pelican case and pulls out a half kilo of Brave Botanicals Maeng Da. She says what’s this. I tell in her spanish is a natural supplement. She asked what for, I said for stress and pain.

She looked around some more and found several one and four ounce packaged bags. I told her they were my personal stash and some for my friends and family.

I asked her if she wanted to try some, expectedly she declined my offer.

She then moved on to my personal suitcase, which in addition to being stuffed full of clothes and books, was full of kratom too!!!

Now she was looking a little concerned. I kept my cool.

She asked me to open up one of the capsules and she proceeded to smell the powder, maybe she thought it was heroin, I don’t know!

She went on to my last bag, my backpack, which I used to carry a book, my netbook, and the last of my stash, a plastic bag chock full of a couple dozen one ounce capsule bags!

What she said after finding even more kratom in my backpack I found hilarious.

She looked up at me and said in spanish, “you must have a big family!”

Long story short (too late), she instructed me to grab my belongings and be on my way.

And that my friends is the story of my run in with Mexican customs officials as I travelled down to Acapulco.

After three flights, and lugging over one hundred pounds of luggage and kratom around North America, I couldn’t wait to get to my place down there and pour up a nice glass of Brave Botanicals Green Maeng Da kratom.

It’s good to always have a stash with you in case life gets stressful.

I prefer Maeng Da when it comes to stress relief.

Get you some here – Green Maeng Da kratom

Hope you enjoyed my story!

John Bush

Brave Botanicals

Picture of my girlfriend and I enjoying the beach after a crazy day of travel!

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