How to Take Kratom

The many ways to take kratom – which one’s for you?

There are many ways to consume kratom. What’s best for you depends on what you are going for. Do you want an instant effect? Do you not like the taste? Do you want to take the kratom while at work and prefer capsules?

Below you will find a brief description on the various ways there are to consume kratom.

NOTE: If you are trying kratom for the first time, be sure to take it on a full stomach and start with a very small amount, like around half a teaspoon or two capsules.

Mixed with Water or Juice
– In the video you can see that I drink my kratom plain with room temperature water. Some people drink it with orange juice or even chocolate mild. I put my kratom in a 16 ounce glass of water then after I drink half of it, I add more water. I usually drink one dose over the course of 2 hours and always take it on a full stomach.

Capsules – Some people are fond of the taste of kratom so they take kratom in capsules. It also tends to be more convenient, especially if you take kratom while at work or perhaps college. For each of our strains, we also offer one ounce capsule bags.

Kratom Tea – To brew a kratom tea, boil water, scoop in a teaspoon or two, and stir.

Kratom Smoothie – Simply mix kratom in with your favorite smoothie recipe. Follow this link for a video we shared recently with two amazing kratom smoothie recipes – Kratom Smoothies

Toss & Wash – This method of consuming kratom is not for the faint of heart. Basically, you toss a dose of kratom in your mouth, drink some water or juice, swish the kratom around in your mouth, and swallow it! I tried this method once. Once.

Parachuting – This method involves taking a dose of kratom, putting it in a small piece of toilet paper then twisting the tp on the top and swallowing it with a drink..

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