Kratom is powerful plant medicine. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. The same goes for kratom use. By using kratom responsibly and following our three tips, you can limit your development of a kratom tolerance and maintain the potency and efficacy of your current kratom dose.

So what is tolerance anyway?

Tolerance happens when the bodies systems get used to the active alkaloids in a given substance which results in the user needing to consume more of the substance in order to have the desired effect.

This is concerning as developing a tolerance to something makes it harder to use the substance as a remedy for what ails you.

Even more concerning is the fact that developing tolerance and taking more and more kratom at a given time can lead to dependency.

This is a controversial topic in the kratom world but at Brave Botanicals, we prefer to shoot you straight.

Consuming a large amount of kratom every day for months on end can most definitely lead to a physical dependency. When a dependency develops and you then stop taking the kratom, you could even experience mild to severe withdrawal symptoms.

A couple of years ago I recorded a video talking about kratom and addiction. It gives lots of insight and information on the subject. CLICK HERE to watch the video.

Before I share a few tips on how to avoid developing a tolerance, I want to point out a couple of important things….

  1. Dependence and withdrawals will only occur if the user it taking a high amount of kratom every single day for a long consecutive period. Taking the average dose (around 2 – 4 grams a day, maybe more depending on weight) is unlikely to cause physical dependence.
  2. If someone becomes dependent on kratom and they were formerly dependent on prescription pain pills, alcohol, heroin, or some other strong and dangerous substance, while kratom dependency is not ideal, it is an example of harm reduction. Let’s face it, some people that use kratom and were formerly addicted to opioids or opiates are likely struggling. To go from taking something that could easily kill you to taking a natural plant that is HIGHLY unlikely to kill you is a positive change. For those really struggling in life and turning to substances, even kratom, to deal with the pain, please check out the Brave New You Recovery Support Group and join a judgement-free group of people looking to find greater balance and peace in their lives.

Okay, with that out of the way, I’d like to share with you three tips that can help you avoid developing a tolerance to kratom….

  1. The best thing you can do to avoid developing a kratom tolerance is to take breaks from kratom. If kratom becomes a daily ritual for you, give yourself a few days off here and there. Take 2 – 3 days off or more at least once or twice a month. If you can, take a whole week off. This gives your body systems and organs, especially the liver and kidneys which act as a filter for your body, a break and a reset period. This will limit your body from becoming used to kratom’s alkaloids and when you start taking kratom again the effect should be stronger than when you started the break.
  2. In line with tip #1, if you are still in pain or struggling with anxiety when you take your break, consider taking a different plant medicine like CBD or Kava Kava during that time. For pain, you could take turmeric which is known to help combat inflammation. If CBD or kava work well for you, you can rotate between the plant remedies periodically.
  3. Another strategy regular kratom users employ is to strain-switch. As tolerance develops and the kratom begins to have less of an effect, switch to a different variety of kratom and you should still get the full effect from the new type. Find a few strains that you like and rotate between them. This will help you to feel less of a need to take more kratom at once in order to have the desired effect. At Brave Botanicals we offer five different varieties: Green Maeng DaSuper Green DragonWhite LightningRed Relaxation, and OG Bali (red). You can also order a kratom combo pack and get all five of our strains for a discounted price. Even when using this strategy it is still recommended that you take breaks from kratom when you can.  

At Brave Botanicals the health and well-being of our community is of the utmost importance. Kratom dependency is a very real issue and through responsible and conscious kratom use it can be avoided altogether.

By taking breaks and alternating strains and other plant remedies, you can ensure you are able to maintain the efficacy of your current dose without having to take more and more.

We appreciate your support and hope you are gaining valuable knowledge and wisdom from our tips.


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